Marathon Flex-In-1 Motor Saving You Time, Shelf Space and Money

FLEX-IN-1What if you could find a general purpose motor made to save you time, shelf space, and money? Introducing the new Flex-In-1 motor by Marathon Motors, the general purpose motor that minimizes inventory while maximizing product availability.

The Flex-In-1 Saves You Time

general electric motor saving shelf spaceTime is money, especially when it comes to servicing systems with replacement motors. That’s why the Flex-In-1 motor makes configuration quick. With standard general purpose motors, reconfiguring the conduit box location can be a complex process. The motor must be completely disassembled in order to flip the rotor shaft assembly—a process, if even possible, often taking an hour or more. With the Flex-In-1, the motor comes out of the box with an F-1 configured conduit box location. However, its unique repositionable combination base design allows for a simple base removal and a quick, 5 minute or less, NEMA® F-2 or F-3 configuration.




The Flex-In-1 Saves You Shelf Space

When asked what challenges motor distributors faced providing high quality products for their customers, one of the prevailing responses was the amount of on-hand motors needed. They described the struggle to maintain enough inventory storage space to minimize repair lead time. Workshop shelf and van space are valuable commodities, and stocking the wrong type or not stocking the right motor can lead to repair delays and unnecessary back-and-forth from suppliers. With the Flex-In-1’s exclusive reconfiguration ability, the number of stocked SKUs needed can be reduced by up to 89 percent. One Flex-In-1 can actually replace 18 motor models, keeping downtime down for your customers.


The Flex-In-1 Saves You Money

Downtime is expensive. Waiting for a replacement motor or spending manhours reconfiguring the wrong motor to fit the end application is costly. The Flex-In-1 adapts to be the right fit for multiple applications, lowering inventory costs and simplifying the motor selection process. In addition, gone are the arduous consultations finding the right motor for the job. It’s in stock with the Flex-In-1.

Common applications for the new Flex-In-1 general purpose motor are pumps, HVAC systems, fan/blower applications, conveyors and material handling systems. Want to learn more? View the full motor specifications and a list of motor models it replaces.