Less downtime with LUTZE cables

New LUTZE Cable Solutions Catalog for Industrial Automation

UTZE Inc is releasing a new LUTZE Cable Solutions for Industrial Automation North America Catalog to support the fast-growing customer base in North America. LUTZE’s flexible and continuous motion cables such as LUTZE SILFLEX®, LUTZE SUPERFLEX®, MOTIONFLEX® and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables are designed for harsh industrial environments and carry multiple approvals for code compliance. An expanded number of cable series have now been evaluated by Ecolab for resistance to common cleaning agents and chemicals used in washdown procedures. LUTZE is the ultimate partner in cable and connectivity products for industrial automation including:

  • Control cables
  • Electronic cables
  • Ethernet and BUS cables
  • Motor Supply, VFD, Servo and Feedback cables
  • Wire and Cable Management
  • Network Connectivity

LUTZE Cable Solutions for Industrial Automation North America Catalog is user-friendly and includes 30+ pages of Technical Overview on various cable and connectivity related topics to help customers find the right cabling for their applications. Cable gland and fittings selection charts take the guessing out of the equation when choosing the appropriate plastic, metal, or hygienic fitting in NPT, PG or metric thread to suit specific cable applications. Wire and Cable management components such as CABLEFIX® X and CABLEFIX® One cable entry systems complement the offering for industrial automation.
In addition to printed copies, the new catalog is available in two easy-to-use formats, a downloadable PDF and an interactive, easy-to-navigate, digital catalog for online browsing.