KDR line reactors are electrical components that help to protect 6-pulse rectifiers and power conversion devices such as variable frequency drives (VFDs). When used in conjunction with a VFD, a KDR line reactor can help reduce harmonics and protect the drive from harmful voltage spikes. KDR line reactors are recommended on the input of each VFD in multiple drive applications.

KDR reactors are constructed with durability in mind and can be used on both the input and output of a VFD. When used on the output of a drive, KDR reactors reduce voltage distortion at the motor terminals, extending the service life and minimizing insulation stress of any motor.

The addition of a KDR Reactor will reduce harmonic content, which reduces the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor.

  • Nuisance tripping is less common
  • Drive uptime is increased
  • Power factor is improved
  • Limits expensive down-time
  • Increases life of drive
  • Protects sensitive equipment

TCI offers a wide range of line reactors from 0.25HP to 1500HP. Our newest line reactors, the MA and AA frames,  have the smallest footprint in the industry. Every TCI line reactor is manufactured in Wisconsin with high quality materials and is backed by a lifetime warranty for the life of the drive. All of our open panel line reactors are UL Listed.

Typical Applications with VFDs

• HVAC Chillers
• Pumps
• Oil rigs
• Conveyors
• Sprinkler irrigation systems

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